He we are, in Kermarok in the Karpatt, eastern part of slovakia. A part of the country where there are a lot of Gypsies, it’s even majority for some villages.

Quick flash back on our time in Belgrade a few days ago.

The recording that we had in mind with the Syrians/Irakians refugees didn’t happen. Belgrade is a crossing point on their route to the north, it is then impossible to plan something in advance. Some would stay for a few days, others only a few hours. We went to the camp with our friend Naned, Oud player, and our translator in Arabic languages Yusri, in order to gather some singers !
A few children were there, most of them were kind of lost… Arrived the day before from the border Macedonia/Sebia, where some of their family are still stuck. Question of smugglers, money… On the road for months, those children are exhausted, even worst as they can’t get a proper and healthy nutrition. In this camp they try to rest as much as possible, charge batteries, and eat properly. From 2 to 15 years old, the youngest ones don’t understand what’s happening, don’t have any idea of where they are. They follow their parents, walk, and survive.
The translator introduce us and our Oud player in order to see if some children would be interested to think about a song with Naned, to practice, to sing and play some music.
No one seems to be up to. White people, cameras… They seem to be a bit shy. We’ve spent the afternoon with them, talked with older ones, shared our respectives experiences, touching stories… They have their mind full, they don’t where they will be tomorrow, next week, next months. Where will they eat? Where will they sleep? Not any idea… At that time, we just forget our project of recording, put camera and microphones in our bag. Now feel better to discuss, listen, share, laugh…
An afternoon in a refugees camp, an unforgettable human experience.

The seventh recording will then be with the Kesaj Tchave « children of Fairy Kesaj » in Gypsy, a crew funded by Ivan Akimov. With his wife, they roam around slums of the eastern part of Slovakia to find young talents. Those Roms childen live in poverty and social exclusion.

Check out this report about them :

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