Episode 1 : Rajasthan, Punjab

It’s in Pushkar, east of Rajasthan, where everything starts: the purchase of two Royal Enfield, and first kilometers towards the Pakistani border. Then near Jodhpur a step into a school of the Thar Desert, to teach some classes before to continue to the north. Finally the Punjab, more precisely the Golden Temple world most important landmark of the Sikh community.



Episode 2 : Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand

It’s the beginning of winter and we are one the way to the fresh air of the Himalayan mountains. In Daramshala, a first immersion into the Buddhist world – the Dalai Lama’s residence and Tibetans’ exile. Later on it comes the first extreme ride in high altitude, towards the Ladakh, however due to the low temperatures we could only have a flavor of it…



Episode 3 : On the road to the south. 

In Rishikesh the capital of Yoga, we meet Josh, Xell et Ryan. Inspired by the beginning of our journey, just in a few days they decide to buy two Royal Enfield. Our anglo-spanish ride-mates would then share the road with us until Goa, where we celebrate Christmas all together.



Episode 4 : West-East Ride

From the Arabian Sea in Gokarna, Karnataka, We go towards the Bay of Bengal Gulf, in Mamalipuram, Tamil Nadu. We cross the country from West to East with a stop in Hampi – south India town famous for its amazing temples and ruins, from the XVI century – where we would be enjoying the time with our Mauritians friends.



Episode 5 : Sri Lanka on a tuk-tuk

Our visa is about to expire, we need then to get out the country in order to get a new one – We fly to Sri Lanka where we will be travelling this time on a tuk-tuk baptized as Dumbo! At the embassy We meet Diana, the Portuguese girl who fell under the charm of our blue tricycle.


Episode 6 : Back in India

Back in India, our french friends Tom and Mégane, join us for a long journey: from Pondichery to Calcutta, under the extreme heat. I’s upon arrival that We split for a couple of weeks. Mathieu flies to Southeast Asia while Sylvain keeps exploring the North.



Episode 7 : Seven Sisters

Surrounded by Bangladesh, Myanmar (Burma), China, Bhutan and Nepal, the North East Estates are  known as the Seven Sisters. Tribal and rebellious lands… another country. We make a stop at an Assamese school in order to share our journey and european life to these children.


New episodes coming up : 8. Nepal, 9. Himalayan Plateaux of Ladakh.