Our Turkmenistan visa has been refused a second time without any reason.  When we ask to the embassy ” Why our application has been rejected ?” , they answer by “We can’t say, and we don’t have to justify anything !”.
Turkmenistan is a closed country and it’s hell to cross it. We found out that 25 to 50% of visa applications are usually rejected.
We had to find another way. From Uzbekistan, we will reach the Caspian Sea in Kazakhstan to take the ferry from Aktou to Azerbaijan.

Still in Bishkek, we are waiting for our Azeri visa.


On the 21st of march is the spring equinox. In Kyrgyzstan and all the ex Soviet Republic, we celebrate Nowruz. In Bishkek, the festival takes place on a hippodrome in the morning and on the Ala-Too place in the afternoon. We’ve been invited by our Kyrgyz friend, Sedep, to enjoy the equestrian traditions.

Thousands of Kyrgyz around the racecourse, watching horse races, eagle hunting, archery, or the most incredible one, the bouzkachi !
It’s basically a collectif sport, and two teams meet on the ground. At the beginning we were expecting a sport similar to the polo.
Not at all.. This was more like american football, but running on a horse. AND, the originality is that instead of a ball, it is a goat carcass which has right been beheaded ! Yes…

DSC00923             DSC00868 2

DSC00919             DSC00934

That’s it for our last days.. In a bit, we’ll hit the road toward Uzbekistan !