Happy new year to all of you !

For us, the year 2017 is the release of “A Musical Journey On The Silk Route” ! Excitement 300%.

And because we found out that not everybody understand what we are exactly doing, here is a short video explaining the project !

Second news, we’ve got now an amazing new website ! From now on, it is gonna be the showcase of the project. Of course we keep the website which you are surfing on right now, for archive and blog.

You can already subscribe to the newsletter on the new website and then, you’ll be updated on what’s happing!

Thanks to Diana Capitao, our graphist that made this wonderful website, the poster of the film, and the graphism of the album.

Best surf ever to each of you ! —> New website

Capture d’écran 2017-01-18 à 12.45.22