The project we have in mind represents an investment in audio and visuel materials. Furthermore, Pakistan currently being inaccessible, we will have to make our way through Tibet, which in itself involves administrative necessities which are not cheap.

Even if the logistics of our trip are well set up and prepared, the financial help we receive will enable us to complete our already tight budget

Expenses for two people
20 000 kilometers and 150 days of travel 

Carnet de Passage en Douane 440€
Gas 2000€
Chinese agency (access to Tibet) 6000€
Visas 460€
Accommodation 3000€
Food 4500€
Audiovisual material 3000€
TOTAL 19400€

Our dynamics and features in media and press before our departure will enable us to be put forward on numerous scenes. Our main communication device being this website. It offers sponsors a variety of publicity and a positive image for our readers.

All options are negociable, depending on your needs, with respect towards other sponsors.

Please do not hesitate in sharing this project if you know anyone who could be interested in this project.

Thank you.


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