India-France on a motorbike, they are coming back home…

On the road for almost a full year, Sylvain and Mathieu have decided to follow a new westbound path that will lead them back to their homelands.

A passionate voyage which will prove full of encounters and shine on through sound and images. During this long trip back, their goal is to record and gather music samples of orphanages children along with local artists. As a painter would assemble colors on a canvas, their camera will be the vector of the multitude of landscapes and music they will come across. The goal is to create a documentary film as well as a CD which will retrace the portraits and melodies they will encounter on the Silk Route.

Musicians since childhood, Mathieu and Sylvain are in complete musical osmosis. After having shared travel and songs together on a trip to North America a few years ago, they will this time around attempt to create new adventures linking the asian and european continent through visions and sounds.

They wish to relive the long forgotten Silk Route, renowned for the success of it’s commercial attributes and live it through music.

These two nomads will hit the road early in 2016.