Last october, we had a meeting at the Royal Enfield head office in New-Delhi. The marketing manager was really interested in our project and promised us that he would share it to his team to give us support.

He came back after a while the great new : The company Royal Enfield decided to be sponsor of our association India On Bullet ! They provide us gear from the head to the feet, a kit of spare part, and promotion during our journey.

That is the good opportunity for us to write some words concerning the Bullet, a quick story for you to know a bit more about this mythic motorbike…

“Made like a gun”

The story of the British brand start first with the weapons production. That is where Royal Enfield got the slogan. « made like a gun ».


The adventure of Royal Enfield motorbikes started about 1899 with the tricycles and bicycle with engine, in 1901.

An emblematic motorbike, the « Bullet » 

In the 20’s, Royal Enfield starts to product there own engine. A single cylinder, four strokes, 350cm3, launches from the production of the brand in 1924 followed by a 500cm3 in 1927. In the 30’s then, the first Bullet borns.


During the Word War II, Royal Enfield provides 55 000 motorbikes to the army. That is by this way and for the army that the brand produces a foldable motorbike, to be easily dropped by parachute. This model is called “Flying Flea”.

The myth falls

Later, Royal Enfield launches the Meteor 700, two cylinders of 350cm3. It became the biggest motorbike of the British market, but mostly known for its oil leaks. The « Royal Oifiled » become the nickname…
Despite the innovation the brand will have a difficult period concerning the sales, and will get an image of unreliable motorbike.


In 1962, the Bullet is abandonner and from 1968 Royal Enfield focuses only on the 750 Interceptor. The brand works only on the military market. In 1970 the production stops in UK. An Indian industry toke up the flag. The Bullet is back and din’t get any wrinkle, and produced now in Madras, South India.

They are transmitted generation by generation, with a big concern in maintenance and customisation. After 2000, some new models arrive, with a gear lever on the left hand side, a fifth gear and electric starting.

Today still,  the Bullet delights the nostalgic souvenirs and fill the amateur of legends.