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Three years to this day, in the Autumn of 2012, the respective life-stories of Mathieu and Sylvain converged into one world they were on the verge of discouvering : A voyage.
A three month long trip on the american continent led them to make their way from the cold canadian grounds to the cuban warmth.

Having only just graduated, they returned for a short while to France so as to aquire some professionnal experience and let their common ideas form into one shared goal. One of them is an optician, the other a press agent.

Two years later, they booked their flights and left feeling free of any attachments to discover this new world which lay beyond.

In the heart of one of the most gigantic cities in the world, Mumbai and its 13 million inhabitants, is their first step towards this new horizon, India. It is now October 2014. A long adventure was awaiting. They circled round the sub-continent on two of the most famous and classic indian motorbikes : the Royal Enfield Bullet.

North to South and East to West, they faced many cultures, emotions and wonderful meetings. They contributed to local communities by getting involved as volunteers, notably in a school in the center of the Thar desert, helping with optic problems in far away villages, or even in an eco-village in the south.

India On A Bullet, a series of 9 short films which produced by themselves, enabled them to share moments of their adventure with relatives and friends. The name of the series is now also the name of the association they’ve created.

Today, after a long period of time in India and feeling at ease with the country and its culture, Sylvain and Mathieu are engaging themselves on a new path. Their diverse interests and dreams are merging into reality : a musical project alligned with their travels.